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  1. Soundbars
    I already bought a YAS-101 for $190 (costco, their 1010 version), figuring I could/will add a sub for $100-150 later. But I've always been attracted to the YAS-400 & -401 units, with the shelf-mount sub & 3-channel bar. I'm seeing YAS-400 refurbs for about $300, so it's really a wash. Given...
  2. Soundbars
    I have a new Pany I'm looking for great sound....best possible 3-D, surround-effect w/blu-rays....a subwoofer or ability to easily add one....and I want it to be self-powered (internally or via a head-unit). All I'm ever gonna do is watch Dish Network (new Hopper box, but this TVs on a Joey...
  3. Soundbars
    I am about to buy this soundbar system for my parents and I want to make sure the system is mountable using the Universal Soundbar Brackerts found on Amazon by One Call. Can anyone confirm this for me? Thanks
  4. Soundbars
    Hi, Noob with a new receiver here. Have a YHT-S400 and a regular HD cable box, plus a 1st gen Apple TV. I have the cable box hooked into the TV (no HDMI on cable box) and an optical cable from the cable box to the receiver. That gives me digital sound for TV. For my Apple TV, I have to...
  5. Soundbars
    Hello, I have PS3, Panasonic plasma and yht-S400 hooked up together. Video and sound both work well. I was able to make Viera link settings like this: Viera link - ON Power on link - Y Power off link - Y Energy saving mode - Quick start Unselected device... - Y (with prompt) Default...
  6. Soundbars
    Hi, I'm thinking of getting a Surroundbar. Main reasons are: 1. We live in a rental apartment, I don't want to nail speakers to the wall. 2. Easy to set up 3. Less clutter (keeps the wife happy). Powerful sub is not very important as I'd like to keep bass low (and also be considerate of...
  7. Soundbars
    Amazon has a one day sale on this soundbar.
  8. Soundbars
    I know, this is a little like comparing apples to oranges, but I have kinda narrowed my soundbar search down to these 2 and looking for some opinions as well as feedback on my 'perceived' pros/cons list. I did consider and listen (in store) some others, and have been in research mode for some...
  9. Soundbars
    Has anyone compared these two sounrbars? Any inputs are appreciated. They are within around the same price range on Amazon. Reviews are also mixed. I also found Yamaha YHT-S401BL, which seems to be a newer and upgraded version from S400, which cost $200 more. Dose it worth it?
  10. Speakers
    Hi guys, I just purchased a set of Polk Monitor 40. I am running this with an old Yamaha HTR-5440 receiver that I have lying around. So far this is getting hooked up to a LG LV3500 37" TV. My question is I am looking for a center and was wondering between the two speakers(soundbar vs center)...
  11. Soundbars
    after reading pretty much every thread I could find on here - I went out scrounging for a CT350 - only managed to find ONE at a best buy in a 30 mile radius and it was an open box that was scratched and dinged pretty badly..so I gave up on that and went to HHGregg and sorta fell in love with...
1-11 of 11 Results