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  1. Remote Control Area
     Hello! First post here, need some help. My original YSP remote is broken For some reason, I am really struggling to get my RCRP05B working with my old YSP-1100 receiver. I seem to be able to get it to learn Vol+/Vol- button from my YSP remote, but I cannot get it to learn any other functions...
  2. Soundbars
    Both are the same price used, basically. Which one would you recommend for 80% movies, 20% music? I have a dedicated Ascend speaker setup now, but in my small Boston apartment, it takes up way too much space, so I'd like to get a soundbar. And is there any benefit to keeping my Denon 2310...
  3. Soundbars
    I had been using the red/white cables from the RCA cables to get sound from PS3 to the sound projector. The details in the treble were crystal clear and the bass was powerful with the Sony subwoofer I use with it. But recently I discovered only stereo was possible with the way ps3 was designed...
  4. Soundbars
    Today when I was at Costco, I noticed a display for the Yamaha ATS 1010 Soundbar ($189). I'm not an audophile by any stretch of the imagination and I was wondering what the qualitative difference (if any) there is between this soundbar and the Panasonic SC-HTB500 we have now. Thanks. Athena
  5. Soundbars
    So I just got the Philips Soundbar that I had been waiting to try out ever since I heard about it when it was anounced at CES. I have had more than a few fake surround sound systems, among them, the Bose 321 Series l and Series ll, the Yamaha YSP-800 and YSP-1000 and a few other 2.1 systems I...
1-5 of 5 Results