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  1. Soundbars
    Hello! Has somebody been updating a firmware at Yamaha YSP-4100/5100? I like my Yamaha! It's the best sound projector (not a soundbar)!
  2. Soundbars
    I moved, and I'm looking to adjust my setup to the new situation. Rear/side speakers are no longer an option for the living room, so I'm looking for a soundbar. I will be replacing a mid-range 5.1 system with a receiver and $300+ per speaker, so I expect a step down in quality, but I'd really...
  3. Soundbars
    I could be completely thick, but... my sound bar won't move off the blue set-up screen. selecting an HDMI input usually would move out of that set up screen, but nothing seems to work. Has anyone ever come across this one before ? cheers.
  4. Soundbars
    Does anyone know of a sound bar with a wireless sub receiver, rather than with an included sub? I already have a sub, and I really have no use for two.
  5. Soundbars
    Hello, this is my first time being on this website. I need help making the best decision on a sound bar. If someone can please help me which sound bars is right for me. thank you
  6. Soundbars
    Have tried the YSP-4100... Was not a fan as the dialogs on this sucked..... Might be okay for someone who just watches OTA news and stuff .... So aside from the fact that one may think their soundbar is okay....is it just me, or does the dialog quality suck.. Space was a concern. I ended...
  7. Soundbars
    Hi, does anyone know which IR repeater systems will work with a YSP-4100 IR pass through? I want to connect it via the Ir jack to a cabinet containing components. Thanks for any help.
  8. Soundbars
    Hi, I presently have a small family room under renovation and am considering installing quality in-wall speakers for a 2.1 configuration. (Sub discrete, not in-wall) However, given the static nature of in-wall speakers I am also considering forgoing them and going with a Yamaha YSP-4100 (or...
  9. Soundbars
    I have a Yamaha YSP1000 that is probably 3-4 years old by now, and I am thinking of upgrading it to a YSP4100 or YSP5100. So my simple question is how would you rate the YSP4100 and YSP5100 against the old YSP1000? Or perhaps put in another way, has the technology evolved enough so that you...
  10. Soundbars
    It seems like this has been asked many times, but i can't find a clear answer. The TV is in the corner of a great room, so there are walls close on one side but pretty far away (maybe 20 feet, and even more in some places) on the other. And the rear wall is a good 35 feet away. Add in the fact...
  11. Soundbars
    I have the YSP-3050 soundbar and have never been happy with the performance. The auto-setup doesn't sound clear to me and I have had mixed results trying to manually adjust it. Although I have read through the manual I feel like I still don't understand how the different setup parameters affect...
  12. Soundbars
    Hi all! I've been reading through the forums here for a couple days and feel like I'm getting more confused the more I read! So before I go cross-eyed I was hoping for some advice... I started out (trying to ignore the Bose Soundbar) looking at the Bose Cinemate II but have gleaned that...
  13. Soundbars
    Any views on how this compares to the Sony HTCT150 or HTCT350 when it comes to 3d capability? I'm looking to invest in a 3d bundle deal but want to use a soundbar for sound. Supposedly there's no 3d passthough, whatever that means, in the Yamahas that there is in the Sonys, but I'll be...
1-14 of 14 Results