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  1. Subwoofers, Bass, and Transducers
    I currently own a Yamaha SW-P3600BL passive subwoofer with a 10" woofer. I am thinking about replacing it with one of the Yamaha 10" powered subs. It's between the NS-SW300 , the YST-SW315 , or the YST-SW216 . Is the 216 the exact same thing as the SW-P3600BL, but with a built-in amplifier?
  2. Dealer Specials
    Yeah as the title stated I'm selling my subwoofer. The Yamaha is selling for $175 non negotiable and it works perfectly and look just like new, I've only had it for 3 months and it come from a non smoking environment. If your interested and want to find out more information sent me a PM. P.S...
  3. What's Your System Configuration
    My humble setup: Cable management really was a challenge since the walls are all concrete. Update 3/31/2012 samsung PN59D550 Yamaha RX-V1800 samsung BD-E5900 Xbox360 Yamaha NS series: NS-555 NS-C444 NS-333 YST-SW315
  4. Subwoofers, Bass, and Transducers
    Does anyone own one of these yamaha subs or have any info on them other than general specs that I've found online? I have the oportunity to purchase one of these used to use as a second sub in a large room for around $200 with 4 yamaha sattelite speakers with stands and a yamaha center channel...
1-5 of 5 Results