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  1. Speakers
    Hello, I know i'm very new here, but i've been reading quite a lot here and in other places, but i can't find answers to some of my questions. i've recently assembled a home theater. Denon x1400h with dali zensor 5, dali zensor vokal, dali zensor 1 and a SVS pb-1000. Yesterday i also got an...
  2. Speakers
    Hello everyone, I still have not decided on the purchase of my audio system, at first I wanted to if or if I type column because of the fact that they are aesthetically better and I did not want to spend € 100 on supports. Viewing the following link could build them myself so it could save me...
  3. Speakers
    Hello everyone, I'm new to the hi-fi audio market and am looking to replace my old HTIB. I'm having a bit of trouble as to which speaker line to go with. The lines in question are the Dali zensor series and the JBL studio2 series. I have looked at and listened to the Dali zensor 7s and the...
1-3 of 3 Results