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Сhoice 5.1 Home Theater for $500

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I choose a Home Theater for $500.


Budget: $500.


Purposes (by priority):

1) play full HD movies;

2) listening to music.


Signal source:

A PC VivoPC VM40B (optical spdif).


Room geometry:

The rectangular shape;

The length of the smaller side = 11.5'

Length of the longer side = 16'


TV bolted to the center of the long wall. Sofa stands in front of the TV at the opposite long wall.


I chose Pioneer HTP-203 . Do you like this home theater? Perhaps you can offer another option.
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I'll be glad to any advice.

Unfortunately, I live in Russia. This option does not suit me. First, this technique is not compatible for voltage. Secondly, the price of this set is worth more than $600 for me.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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