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Last nite I upgraded from 98SE to XP, and added a Radeon 32 PCI card (as an addition to system

with a Geforce 2 AGP). I got the the system working so that my regular monitor is running the

G2 at 1024 x 768 (or whatever I want to run it at), and the desktop extends to my Toshiba TN 55 x 81,

which is running off the Radeon PCI card at 1920 x 1080 i courtesy of Powerstrip. All worked well - I could drag programs from the computer

monitor accross to the Toshiba TV w/ no problem, and am getting a fairly good picture on the Toshiba

at 1080i. However, I can not get WinDvd 3.0 to work properly. It will work on the computer monitor, but

when I drag it to the Toshiba 1080i screen, I only get the top half of the movie, in either fullscreen, or even if

I drag and size the windvd window. I tried to "refresh" the screen with Powerstrip. If I refresh in Powerstrip, the picture snaps to fill the screen properly on the

Toshiba for just a frame or two, and then the image snaps back to show only the top 1/2 of the image covering the full screen. I tried using DvDgenie to

force weave with both the windvd and Raviscent tabs on DVDGenie, buy the problem was not fixed.

What's up with the 1/2 top of image problem? I've seen the topic mentioned before in some earlier threads, but

other than suggesting the force weave and refreshing the screen, nobody seems to have figured

out what's going on. Any theories or suggestions? Thanks
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