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1.25Ghz Mini--enough horsepower?

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Anyone using a G4 Mini 1.25 Ghz? I ask because I've noticed a few people with G4 powerbooks talking about driving screens at higher res than 1280x720, just wondering if they play full screen DVDs with no problems or not.

I've got one hooked up to my 37 inch Olevia, and while I'm happy with 1280x720, I notice some horizontal tearing when I play dvd's or divx files fullscreen. I'm assuming that the 1.25 G4 doesn't have the horsepower to scale 480P up to fill the screen? Anyone have this issue?

Would bumping it up to the 1.42 Ghz speed make any appreciable difference? --it can be done via some jumpers on the mobo.

Someday I would like to snag the new Intel Mac mini, but I am probably going to have to make do with this one for the next year or so.
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Even while converting an MPEG-2 tv show to H.264 with MPEG Streamclip, my G4 1.25 Ghz/512 MB RAM mini plays back a DVD at full screen (1280 x 1024) with no problem. (I just popped in the Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars DVD to verify.)
OK, means I'll have to look into it, and see what the problem is.

BTW, I commend you on your excellent taste! I have just 'found' the whole Farscape series in the past few months. I never knew what I was missing. Watched the pilot episode and a few more, wound up going out buying the DVD sets. Kinda of heartbreaking to get to know and love a series after it's already been cancelled. I've been watching Stargate SG-1 now since the stars of Farscape joined up, now I'm starting to get into the first few seasons of it as well. Funny, I thought I hated Sci-Fi, turns out I just wasn't watching the right stuff.
Originally Posted by cavalierlwt
Funny, I thought I hated Sci-Fi, turns out I just wasn't watching the right stuff.

I find most science fiction on tv relatively trite and unconvincing. But there are (were) a few gems. Firefly, for one.
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