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1.3 Screen: Draper or Da-Lite better?

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The guys over in the screen forum are all bulb owners - maybe you fellow CRTer's can help me out.

I have a NEC 9 PG Xtra and needed a little guidance for using a semi-DIY screen.

I've decided on going with a 1.3 gain screen purchased from a manufacturer and mounting it onto a homebuilt frame (most likely aluminum/wood stretcher bars from Dick Blick). The question is - which manufacturer's screen to use?

Draper's M1300 looks to be a perfect vinyl white material with a bit of stretch.

Da-Lite's Cinema Vision is also quite thin, but has an emuslion on the surface. It's a kind of speckled pearlescent treatment.

So for CRT uses...

1) Will the emuslion on the Da-Lite lead to more hotspotting?

2) Will that Da-Lite emuslion create a greater depth of field?

3) Is the standard 1.3 white matte of the M1300 a better option?

Looking for your opinions and any personal experience. Thanks for your help -

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I am using a Da-Lite Contour screen 52"x92" with 1.3 cinemavision material. I have not noticed any hotspotting and the picture does look three dimensional at times. I know what your talking about with the reflective surface or emulsion as you call it but it is not visible with video. By the way I have seen a Stewart 1.3 gain screen and it does have this same sort of reflective material on it, but again you can't see it in the picture. I have the pro trim on my frame which is a black velvety substace that absorbs any overscan, it's great. I would suggest if you are building your own frame to add something like this to it. I don't have any experience with Draper. My projector is Barco Graphics 1209.

Hi -

I also have a da-lite cinema vision screen, in the 72x96 flavor. I'm using a sony 1272q projector and I must say the screen looks great while viewing.

Although it does look reflective up close or from steep angles, at viewing distance you can't tell that its anything other than pure white.

I bought thier perm-wall product (included an aluminium frame and a nice 2" black border)

see here:


Good luck!
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Thanks stopdog and mahkra -

I seriously think that Da-Lite has changed their Cinema Vision material within the past year. Many previous owners have said that their CV screen is a simple flat white. The sample Da-Lite sent me has an obvious pearlescence to it.

May I ask you what your screens cost? I'll be looking at approx $300.00 going the DIY route, once it's completed; is that substantially less than getting the whole package from a dealer?

Appreciate your responses -

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Yea that's a lot less. I think I paid about $1600 or maybe a little more for the Contour. But it looks NICE. No snaps showing. The pro trim adds about $150 to the cost .All from memory, don't have the receipts in front of me.
i paid about $500 shipped for the perm-wall, and the outer snaps are visible, but they are painted a mat black to match the trim. Good enough for my living room psuedo theater :) Honestly you don't even notice them.

I bought mine about a year and a half ago (november 2001).
I have DaLite 1.3 Model B.

It used to be a manual pull down screen, but after a year or so it started to develop waves... So I tensioned it and made it perminant, then matted it 16:9 and I am very very happy with the result :)

The screen material itself seems very good.

- Rick
Ditto with what Rick said . . . and the cost from AVS is MUCH MUCH MUCH less than stated above. Great service as well
I'm all ready talking with Jason @ AVS about screen material. He has been nothing if not helpful. Excellent customer service.
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