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Wireworld Gold Electra
Rare 1.5 Meter Length
Pure Silver Reference Power Cord
$2595 Retail
2 Meter Length Also Available

Very rare reference Wireworld Gold Electra 5.2 flat power cord in a 1.5M length with original box. Wireworld’s top of the line power cord a few years ago. Dead quiet, neutral, closest thing to having no cables I've ever heard. Lightly used, broken in, excellent condition. I have two of the 1.5 Meter gold power cords ($2595 retail) and two additional 2 meter gold power cords ($2895 retail). This listing is for a single 1.5 Meter power cord. Price is $777. Buyer pays shipping and PayPal fees.

The Gold Electra 5.2 is a reference standard power cord designed to give you the best possible performance; a must for ultra high-end AV systems. The Gold Electra features Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) solid silver conductors and Silver-clad copper alloy plug contacts.

The Wireworld Gold Electra 5.2 incorporates the flat design and proprietary noise filtering array that allows the 50Hz and 60Hz AC waveforms to pass while blocking any harmonics outside of that range. This is done by incorporating a complex geometric structure and composite insulation materials that maximize inductive and capacitive filtering, effectively absorbing AC line noise and damping the electric resonances. Additionally, the low-impedance balanced shields are closely coupled to the conductors to cancel unwanted energy.

Gold Electra 5.2 Specifications

Conductor type: Ohno Continuous Cast Solid Silver
Insulation: Composilex™
Contacts: Silver-clad copper alloy


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