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10 Electronics Tips for Your Kitchen

By Lisa Montgomery
Here are some ways to streamline the time you spend in the kitchen.

The kitchen has become one of the most multifaceted areas of the home. You cook in them, entertain in them, relax in them, and yes, you've got to clean them.

As a result, it's one of the first places you should consider integrating electronic systems.

These add-ons needed be expensive. You can start with something as simple as a motion sensor that activates the lights in the pantry automatically when you open the door, or put in a more sophisticated system that can stream music to speakers in the kitchen.

Go for lighting control, home control, even large touchpanels that double as TV screens.

Lighting Control

A lighting control system can adjust the intensity of the lights for any activity that take place in the kitchen. All you do is press a button labeled Dinner, Breakfast, Entertain or Clean, and the system will dim or brighten select fixtures.

Whole-House Music

A whole-house music system can stream audio from the family room entertainment system, the home office PC and other devices to speakers in the kitchen. The ceiling is usually the best spot to put them.

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