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10 ft ceiling

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I have my bonus/theater room close to completion. I plan on putting a projector in it. The room is 12 x 22 with 10 ft. ceilings. The ceiling at the opposite end of the screen is vaulted down to a 4 ft kneewall. I would like to spend less than $1000 on a speaker setup. Do I need a good tower system or will bookshelf speakers suffice? Any recommendations?
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Could you clarify a few details such as:

Will the screen be on the 12' wall?

How far back from the screen are you planning on having the seating area?

Will there be other things in the back of the room (games, bar, etc...)?

Do you already have receiver equipment?
Yes the screen will be on the 12' wall. The seating area will be 12-14 feet from the screen. Right now not much will be behind the seating area. There will be a mule deer mount on a pedestal in one corner. My kids have their bonus room on the other side of the house. This room will be primarily used as a theater room with a few wildlife mounts on the walls. I do not have a receiver.

I spent about an hour reading on the Axiom site. I really like the Epic 60 - 500 setup but that is about $2K over my budget. I really want that room shaking bass
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Is that a thousand for the whole works or just the speakers?

My initial thought is it would take around $2k for a receiver/speaker combo you'll enjoy for years to come.

Another thing to keep in mind is don't get a whimpy center channel speaker. Digital sound affects route sound that is going across the screen through the center speaker as well. It should match (sound wise) your front speakers.

Of course all kinds of money can be spent on sound, but here's my opinion on the break down:

-$400-500 receiver (ex: Yamaha RX-V663)

-$1500 on speakers (there a quite a few in that price range). Keep in mind I haven't shop in quite a while.

- 4 good bookshelf size for surrounds (Paradigm Titans)

- matching center channel speaker (CC-190)

- 10" sub (Velodyne 10" sub)

Less than that and you'll be giving up a lot to save a little.

Matter of fact, I'd say if you're not able to spend a couple thousand+ on audio.....wait until you are. You'll kick yourself if you go through all the work of setting up a theater room and then gut the audio over a few hundred bucks.
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I have a Yamaha V663 in my family room. I was restricted by the wife as to what I could put in the family room for speakers. There are a set of Polk RTiA1 bookshelf speakers with a set of in-wall Polk RC65i for surrounds. I am reusing an old Energy center channel and subwoofer. It sounds OK but does not quite hit the mark. It is a tough room, vaulted and open to the kitchen. The speaker placement was driven by aesthetics and not ideal sound. The room upstairs is MINE.

My speaker budget is now in the $1500 - 2000 range. I am reading about Infinite Baffle subwoofers. I have attic space behind the screen to that may be a perfect solution. I will look at the Paradigm speakers.
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