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10 Great Looking Racks
Integrators share with us their great racks in the 1st annual Great Looking Racks contest.

Custom installers pride themselves on the look of a rack installation -- from the clean and tidy wiring to the placement in the home. But we wanted to see what integrators were doing to trick out the front of their racks.

Though the stories behind the racks vary, many of the installations deal with limited space. Some of them accommodate a unique functionality, while others are for clients who want to show off their tricked-out systems.

Integrators shared with us these great rack stories, which have been edited for space and clarity.

Phoenix Equipment Room

The client did not want to see any of the equipment for his theater or any other part of the home. We centralized the entire system and had an equipment room with custom cooling built to our specifications.

"The lighting was actually an idea Eric Wachenschwanz had as he was assembling the roomhe thought it would give a strong impact when you first entered the space. He actually ties it into a door switch allowing the panels to illuminate.

"Design and installation was completed by Wachenschwanz, Brandon Rouse and Scott Fuelling.Scott Fuelling, Phoenix Unequaled Home Entertainment, Memphis, TN

Home Technologies

On this remodel, we faced many challenges fitting this amount of equipment into such a small mechanical room. There are actually two more racks hidden from the front view, and they had to vary in size due to water pipes.

"We have also mounted a monitor for the PC so we can remote in' and make changes to Crestron and Lutron from our office.Grant Christensen and Team, Home Technologies, Bellevue, WA


This rack was retrofitted into an existing house where space was a premium. To accommodate the larger system, the head-end had to be moved to another location in the house, so we decided to retro an existing exercise room into a dedicated rack room.

"The size was right, and the room already had its own dedicated air conditioning system. The wall in which the rack appears did not exist, and was built to spec by Paragon. Care was taken to duplicate the mirrored finish of the existing walls, as well as incorporate the dedicated A/C system for rack cooling.

"The rack and room were designed by Jeff Morse, Gordi Stafford and Harley Stumbaugh III.David Raide, Paragon Technology Group, Aspen, CO

Click here to continue with pictures and gear lists.
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