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10 More Inventive Home Automation Applications
Christmas lights, Halloween spookiness ... and scaring cats with vacuum cleaners?

Custom installers are doing cool things with home automation.

There are so many possibilities for what can be done with the connected home, and we're showcasing them..

We've already highlighted 10 Inventive Home Automation Applications, but there's more to be shared. So, without further ado, here are 10 MORE inventive home automation applications.

The stories, originally submitted for Control4's ProTest contest, have been edited for publication.

Spooky Halloween Voice

We installed a JVC music machine with wireless microphones controlled with a C4 outlet switch. Once the music machine is selected, the switch turns on the microphones and the video switch and audio switch do the rest.

During Halloween, we programmed the system so the father could chime in during the daughter's party. Once the "Boo" scene was selected, the lights would flash on and off and the microphones would activate.

The father was able to put on his scary voice and the kids went running.
Anthony Ferara, UNET Business Communications/Home Auomation, San Pedro, CA

Rise and Shine, Kids

"If it could help get the kids going in the morning, that's the kind of automation I could use," our client told us. Sometimes we forget that what it's really about: making everyday tasks everyday easy.

The day starts with a daily scheduled event called "School Prep." The outside lights turn on, as does the light in the laundry room, while the stairway light leading to the laundry room is set to 60%.

The kids have individual wake-ups that play their favorite radio stations and bring up the light in their rooms. They can lie in bed, but they know that in 15 minutes the radio station will change (thanks to a motion sensor).

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