Super Bowl 50 is right around the corner, and you may be considering a last-minute upgrade to your primary sports-watching TV. The good news is there are a lot of TVs on sale right now. If you are struck by an urge to splurge, it's worth reviewing your wants, needs, and budget prior to choosing a new flat panel.

For the sake of this list, the operating assumption is that anyone buying a new TV this weekend is as much (or more) a sports fan than they are movie buff. However, it's worth noting that some of the best deals on last year's flagship models are available now, so home-cinema geeks looking for a super deal might also consider taking advantage of this weekend's bargains.

If you are not into the Super Bowl but are shopping for a new TV at a deep discount, you might want to wait until the game is over. Once the victorious team gets its trophy, you'll likely see some of the best prices of the year on a number of these TVs. Additionally, there's likely to be a wide selection of open-box units to choose from.

It's almost time for the big game, so without further ado, here are 10 Super Bowl-worthy TVs to consider picking up this weekend:

1. LG 55UF6450 55" edgelit LCD UHDTV (sale $700, MSRP $900) at Walmart and Best Buy

Here's an economical UHDTV that offers a lot of features for the price. The 55UF6450 features an IPS panel, which means it has very wide viewing angles—great for a TV that will be used to watch sports with a crowd. However, be aware that black levels on IPS panels are typically poor, this TV is not the best choice for watching movies in a dark room.

2. VIZIO D65u-D2 65" FALD LCD UHDTV (sale $1000, MSRP $1200) at Walmart

Year after year, Vizio keeps upping the price/performance ante when it comes to flat-panel LCDs, and the D65u-D2 is a perfect example. You get a 65-inch screen with a 16-zone FALD (full-array local dimming) backlight and a 120 Hz panel refresh rate. As long as you are okay with no 3D or HDR, you'll be hard-pressed to find a 65" UHDTV with better image-quality related features and a lower price than this $1000 Vizio.

3. Vizio M65-C3 FALD LCD UHDTV (sale $1350, MSRP $1700) at various retailers

Vizio's M series of UHDTVs are a step up from the D Series, offering 32-zone FALD (instead of 16 zones) plus excellent color right out of the box. The M65-C3 is an excellent choice for videophiles who want a TV that is easy on the pocketbook yet offers image quality that competes with considerably pricier models from other companies. Check out my review of the M65-C1 , it truly is a great TV.

4. Samsung UN65JS8500 65" edgelit LCD UHDTV (sale $2000, MSRP $5000) at various retailers

During Super Bowl-related sales, it's not uncommon to see steep discounts on last year's high-end TVs, such as Samsung's UN65JS8500. An "Editor's Choice" at, this TV is a flat edgelit model that carries the SUHD designation, which means it offers an expanded color gamut and HDR compatibility. It's a well-equipped LCD UHDTV at an approachable price.

5. Samsung UN65JU7500 65" curved edgelit LCD UHDTV (sale $2200, MSRP $3800) at various retailers

If you are looking for a curved-screen LCD UHDTV, Samsung almost certainly has a model to fit your needs. The UN65JU7500 costs a bit more than the company's entry-level 65" curved-screen model (the UN65JU6700) but it offers a 120 Hz panel, instead of 60 Hz.

6. Sony XBR-75X850C 75" edgelit LCD UHDTV (sale $3500, MSRP $4500) at various retailers

Sony knows how to make a great TV, and the XBR-75X850C is an excellent example of its skill. Feature-wise, you get the works: A 120 Hz panel, support for HDR, expanded color, and 3D compatibility. This is a large, premium TV that's sure to please football fans.

7. Vizio M80-C3 80" FALD LCD UHDTV (sale $3700, MSRP $4000) at various retailers

Vizio again? Yep. Even with steeper discounts than Vizio offers, other manufacturers are not fielding TVs that can compete with Vizio's M Series in terms of price/performance ratio. Take the 32-zone FALD seen in the M65-C3, add 15 inches to the screen size, and price it less than similarly spec'd edgelit 75" models offered by the competition—that's the Vizio way. As long as you can live without 3D, this is a TV that's sure to satisfy.

8. LG 65" 65EG9600 OLED UHDTV (MSRP $5000) at various retailers

LG's OLED is truly a luxury option when it comes to 65" TVs, but you get what you pay for when it comes to performance. While this model is not specifically on sale for the Super Bowl, OLED prices have come down a lot in the last year. OLED offers amazing image quality that will certainly elevate the Super Bowl viewing experience. The halftime show will look stunning, thanks to the dazzling contrast and its ability to render true black. Furthermore, all your guests will enjoy the superior image quality of OLED, because the technology offers ultra-wide viewing angles.

9. Samsung UN78JS9500 85" FALD LCD UHDTV (sale $8000, MSRP $17,000) at various retailers

Last year's flagship display from Samsung is a 78" curved-screen UHDTV that's overflowing with capabilities. First of all, it's an SUHD model that features HDR support and a FALD backlight for superior contrast. If you have it professionally calibrated, it'll achieve tremendous color accuracy. Aside from the high price (even on sale) there's a lot to like about this Super Bowl-worthy TV.

10. Samsung UN85JU7100FXZA 85" edgelit LCD UHDTV (sale $8000, MSRP $11,000) at various retailers

If you are willing to pay for the real estate, Samsung's 85" behemoth beckons. It'll cost you a pretty penny to get those extra inches, but if you are looking for maximum impact in a bright room, nothing beats a really big-screen TV. When the game is over, you'll still have an amazing display that supports 3D and is large enough to let you see the extra detail found in 4K/UHD content.