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10 Tips for Haggling with A/V Retailers

By Jennifer DeFeo
Haggling isn't just for car lots and garage sales. It can also help you get a better deal from the big box electronics retailers.

As gas prices go up, and money gets tight, it's important to save a few extra bucks wherever you can, and that includes saving money on big ticket items like a TV or camera. By using the age-old practice of haggling, you can get a better price on the product you want. Popular big box electronic stores are accepting and even expecting people to haggle; and most would rather bring the price down than lose a sale.

1. Do Your Homework - Before you walk into any store, do your homework. Research the going prices and decide what you're willing to spend. Arm yourself with information, not just pricing but features as well. This will give you credibility as well as a bargaining edge. Research the models priced above and below the model you want, too. The more information you have the better bargainer you'll be.

2. Shop During Off-hours - Don't go on a Saturday morning when the store is packed with people. Go at 2:00pm on a Wednesday when there's no one there. The salesperson can spend more time with you, and will be more motivated to make a sale since there are fewer opportunities during the day. Also, the manager, who typically needs to okay the lower price, is more readily available.

Click here to read more and suggest your own tips.

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