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I have a budget of a grand and would like thoughts and direction on where to go.

I have a new lcd and blue ray and am completing the HT.

I don't want to go with pre-fabbed HTiB and have done some research for 21/2 months on speaker/receiver combination. So far this is what I wanted to get.

1. Onyko SR606 - this is a definite.

2. Rocketfish wireless speaker kit - for the surround speakers


Polk rm85 + PSW 110 sub woofer or Harman Harman/Kardon HKTS 18.

I was thinking about the Energy RC micro 5.1 package but it may be a little more than I can spend and finally Mirage Nanostats.

The room is 18' X 20' and the ceilings are 18' w/ carpeting.

5.1 is the setup and maybe in a year or so I would go with 7.1 so please limit replies to a 5.1 speaker combination.

Thanks to all for your insight.
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