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<1000 Tosh HD-DVD players sold in Japan in first month???

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Although this is a Japanese web-site, I find this hard to believe:



Toshiba Corp. released HD-DVD players in Japan on March 31.

The initial shipment of 1,000 units has almost sold out, earlier than Toshiba projected. The company shipped an additional 500 units last week.


Almost sold out? WOW ... that inspires confidence. March 31 debut ... and it's now May. Although they justify this figure with information that there is a Japanese preference for recorders, this figure still sounds silly. I have just recently read that there was 6000 Toshiba's sold in N/A, and another 5000 to come in the next few weeks. This is not at all like the debut of DVD, and it bodes extremely poorly for either format.

I'll be sooooooo pis*ed off if this dual format war ends up dead-ending us all.
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You're confusing me?*&&*

Looks like you cross posted.
Originally Posted by bullgates
You're confusing me?*&&*

The North Ameican units sold out quickly.

Debut of DVD's?? Are you talking about the slow adoption of DVD?
Confusing you? How? The sales figures are as reported ...

Sorry ... I meant this post for the obivously-non-delusionals that would believe a tiny 6000 units sold in a few weeks, nor
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There are 3 things readers of this thread and the news articles to that link above need to know:

1) Only the HD-XA1 was introduced in Japan (HD-A1 is currently available for the U.S. market besides HD-XA1). And when you compare in U.S. dollar terms of both machines, US$500 vs. US$800, which one will be more popular with consumers anywhere in the world given similar touted HD DVD features?

2) Since the HD-A1 is selling at US$500 with similar (not same) features as the HD-XA1, Toshiba's sales figures for its HD machines for the U.S. market ISN'T very much questionable.

3) Since the HD-XA1 is in real terms more expensive than HD-A1, and is the only machine Toshiba is selling in Japan, having sold around the 1000 players it shipped within a month is I think a pretty good and safe news. At least it managed to project the correct stock shipment numbers and managed to sell the projected stock shipments given that the competition is rising.
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