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< 1000 Toshiba sold in Japan in first month???

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Although this is a Japanese web-site, I find this hard to believe:



Toshiba Corp. released HD-DVD players in Japan on March 31.

The initial shipment of 1,000 units has almost sold out, earlier than Toshiba projected. The company shipped an additional 500 units last week.


Almost sold out? WOW ... that inspires confidence. Although they justify this figure with information that there is a Japanese preference for recorders, this figure still sounds silly. What am I missing here?
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Originally Posted by Ilka
What am I missing here?
The Japanese, like the Americans, prefer Blu-ray and are waiting for the new models to be made available!! :)
Originally Posted by rdjam
Perhaps the title of the thread should be changed to "in the first 3 days" to put it into a little more accurate perspective? ;)
LOL. March 31 player release ... April ... we are now in May, BTW.

What planet are you on? ROFL
I would think the "...earlier than Toshiba projected." would be good news.
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