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I'm looking for suggestions on a screen for my living room/HT room.

The space I have wall I'll be using 105"W x 96"H and will be 16-17' away from the projector and seats. Obviously, I want the largest screen I can fit in the area. From teh screen calculators I've found, and given teh width of the area, my screen size should be 100-105".

The area I'm using is my current entertainment system and I don't want a screen covering up the area the entire time. Normal TV viewing will (at least for now) still be on my 42" plasma. Thus the need for a motorized screen, with an IR Control (hopefully controlable using my Logitech Harmony 880 remote).

Also, I am looking for a projector as well. But I know I need to ask about that in another forums.

Suggestions or alternatives to my idea?
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