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1080/24P confusion, preferences.

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I've been experimenting with the 1080/24p vs. 60p modes on my Panasonic PT-AE2000U 1080p projector and DMP-BD30 Blu-Ray, and so far I'm coming to the conclusion that I actually prefer the 60p picture for the source material I have. Which leads me to the following quandry:

Obviously, the majority of film content (at least older content) was recorded at 24 frames per second. How do we get to 1080/60P? Are the frames being interpolated, e.g. data being created and filled in between the original source frames?

I would suppose that out of 1 second of movie, 24 frames you see in 1080/60P are the original ones, and the other 36 frames in that second have been rendered and filled-in using a digital computing process.

Am I understanding it right, or is this 24 to 60 frame per second conversion being performed in real-time on my Blu-Ray player?

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24p to 60 > 3:2 pulldown applied

first frame shown 3 times , second 2 times , third 3 times, forth 2 times , etc

Am I understanding it right, or is this 24 to 60 frame per second conversion being performed in real-time on my Blu-Ray player?

Many of the new 120hz TVs are actually showing interpolated frames, with options to turn this feature off or how much to interpolate.
best to turn it off... TV still runs at 120Hz but instead of trying to recreate frames that never existed it would do 24p without 3:2 pulldown by showing each frame 5 times at 120Hz

Originally Posted by hammong /forum/post/14121627

I actually prefer the 60p picture for the source material I have.

Why and what is the source material?
this thread might be useful to check on his display to see if it is handling 24p material correctly. http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=997138

I had to turn off some of the features on my tv so 1080p/24 was corrected. For me on my set I use the 1080p/24 for most of my hd dvds( and hopefully soon some blu rays)
what's the consensus on 24p? Does it deliver a smoother picture - or are most people unsure like the OP?
Quite a few of the display devices that do accept 1080p/24 still display the video at 1080p/60 by applying 2:3 pulldown. I don't know about the Panasonic PT-AE2000U, but if that is what it is doing then the BD player may be doing a better job at converting the source 1080p/24 material into 1080p/60 than the Panasonic projector. That could explain the observation.
One of the previous posts has the link:


The projector you have does 4:4 pulldown, it displays at 96hz when in 24p mode. If I understand this correctly, it just displays each frame 4 times, there is not interpolation etc. I've got a Panny AX100, while 720p resolution, it supports the 1080p/24 input, and does the same thing, displays at 96hz. I find this to be the smoothest picture by far. Just my $.02.

The source material I was playing with was The Fifth Element, remastered Blu-Ray version.

As mentioned by someone else in the thread, the PT-AE2000U has a true 1080/24P mode, and not 3:2 pulldown. It supposedly is displaying 24 frames per second (96 Hz, showing the same 4 frames in succession to give the appearance of 24 FPS visually).

My question is that when doing 1080/60P display instead of 1080/24P, where are those extra frames coming from? It's visually more smooth than 24P, as I can't detect the shifts between successive frames like I can with 24P. Is the Blu-Ray disc mastered with interpolated frames making up 60 FPS from a 24 FPS source, or is this just some trickery on the eye with my source material or display?

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