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1080i fails on my Mitsubishi WT-46805

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This is probably a long shot, but I'm hoping someone on this forum might have an older Mitsubishi HDTV (mine is a Mitsubishi WT-46805) and could offer some advice on displaying 1080i content.

I've only recently acquired two 1080i sources (a Zenith DVB-318 DVD and a MyHD HDTV card), and neither is able to display a 1080i signal on the TV. Since I didn't have a 1080i source when the TV was purchased years ago, I'm trying to figure out if I'm doing something stupid, or if I need to have it repaired, or if it is incapable of working (according to Mitsubishi, the set is compatible with a Y-Pr-Pb 1080i signal).

When I set my sources to 480p, they display looks fine, but at 1080i the three colors are misaligned a centimeter or two at the center of the screen and badly warped near the corners (so that no configurable alignment is possible).

Does anyone have this TV working with a 1080i source? Is there a special configuration you need to set with the remote? It seems there is no 1080i choice on any of the menus (I see choices for 480p and 960i though).

Thanks for any comments anyone has,



Zenith DVD comments: I'm pretty happy with this player, but I've only tested it at 480p. The independent zoom control (Horiz. and Vert.) is really cool. 100x ff is also nice.

MyHD comments: this one is pretty disappointing - fast forward doesn't work anything like a DVD player, and I can't seem to watch one program and record another at the same time (trivial to do with a TiVo and a single tuner card I'm told), as well as many other minor annoyances. I will gladly jump to a better option when it is available.
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Dara, I'm pretty sure your set's DTV input still has to be activated to turn on its 1080i capability (480i/p will work fine out of the box). The XXX05 series shipped that way, unlike the XXX07 and later models. Until then, the set won't correctly sync to the 1080i signal, hence the picture distortion that can't be fixed by a convergence adjustment. Your owner's manual should have the directions on how to do this. If you can't find your manual, you should be able to download one from the Mitsubishi website--look for the "2000-2001 Models" heading in their support section.

Although having to turn on the 1080i input is a minor pain, the XXX05 has accessible service manual controls that the XXX07 and -09 models lack, including the ability to easily adjust the set's color decoder to eliminate "red push" (the sunburned red skin tones and dayglow reds). They are great sets!

We have the DVB-318, and it syncs fine to our 46807 at 480i/p and 1080i. The Mits sets can't do 720p, so that resolution can't be used.

Hope this helped!
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Thanks for your reply. It gives me hope that I can get it working. I did locate the service menu on my TV by looking at neato.org / ~page (best I could do at giving a link as a first time poster). The DTV input was set to auto, so I tried HD, but that doesn't work either. I ordered the service manual on CD - hopefully that will give me enough information to figure out all the options (the service menus have a whole lot of options - most of which I don't understand at all).

If I can't get it to work, I'll take a chance on a service call. I guess I'd be willing to spend several hundred to get it to work right. And maybe I can get it cleaned and adjusted better than I'd be capable of anyway (though it would be a bummer to spend that much and find out it's broken and needs much more money to fix it).

I'd always planned on upgrading to a 1080p DVI device, but > 40" devices are taking so long to come out and looking to be very expensive when they do, that I'm probably going to use this TV for several more years at least.

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Dara, a calibration would be better money spent than a service call. The calibrator could turn on your 1080i, set grayscale, geometry, and color decoding on 480i, 480p, and 1080i, and do optics cleaning and manual and electronic focusing. Some charge a fixed price for whole-hog calibrations, and some charge by the scan rate (resolution). One of the premier Mitsubishi calibrators, Craig Miller, used to live here in Chino Hills, but has moved to New Mexico. He still does calibration tours here from time to time, and there are other good calibrators here as well.
Dara, as a test, use the DVB-318 or MyHD to input a 1080i signal to your Mits. Then push the Mits remote's "INFO" button. If the TV says 1080i in yellow in the upper left corner, then the 1080i input is working, and an "advanced" user convergence or service menu convergence is needed.
Rolls Royce,

First of all, thanks for the tip on the info button. When pressing it, it says "DTV HD 16:9" on the upper left corner of the screen, but it does not say 1080i anywhere. However I'm now getting a much better picture after working with the convergence items in the service menu. I had tried to make convergence changes in the regular menu earlier, but I'm not sure I had enough range. I'm still figuring out how to get it close enough before using the fine convergence adjustment (which acts weird when you defect one of the points a lot). It reminds me a bit of truing bicycle wheels. I don't see anything in the service menu that enables HDTV besides the DTV setting which should be AUTO (as it has always been), so I don't think there is anything to do but get the convergence adjusted correctly.

Unfortunately, I was an idiot when I first found about the service menu (before I got a CD manual from the net). I had not yet read the warnings to NOT press E2RESET in the Option menu and I went ahead and did this at the beginning (I thought this would revert the TV to sane factory defaults as opposed to erasing factory defaults). What a pain it was to try to check all the settings (most of which matched the manual, but some were different). The manual must have some misprints too because it shows some values outside the range they can be configured.

Anyway, I got back to where I was more or less and then kept hammering on the convergence menu. I can see getting it working now. I'm not sure how much I'd be willing to pay to get this professionally done. I'm only so picky - I want it to work, but it doesn't have to be perfect. We only spent $1800 on the TV, I can't see spending $400 to get it adjusted. Hopefully I can get it close enough myself to make it a few more years till I can get a 1920x1080p digital front or rear projector for under $3000. CRTs projectors will probably be gone by then, but I will never again choose a technology like CRT that has to be fussed with so much to get it working. (Hopefully lamps will get cheaper by then on projectors - that's what annoys me with that technology).

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