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Here's what I have to start off here:

Zenith 720p plasma

The htpc is a pretty good box, but it's AGP and right now I am using a ATI X1600pro to feed it DVI-HDMI.

1280x720/60 looks really good, but for actual PC usage, it's not much of a resolution. If I try to use 1920x1080/30 I get a horrible flicker on the display. Now, I can feed this set 1080i from just about any other source with no problems(TiVo and Xbox360). If it weren't for the flicker, I think it would be quite usable. There is actually very little overscan. Do you think it's because of the AGP video card?

I am about to upgrade this entire system. Gigabyte uATX board, 2gig PC-5400, 3GB P4 (I already have it) and a Albatron 7950GT-256 HDCP PCIe video card. Do you think I may get better results with this system trying to feed 1080i than I am now? I can't use the VGA port as it will only do 1024X768 which is stupid considering it's a widescreen tv. And even if it did do better, I'd probably have to use it with the XBOX360 and addon drive.

Or is this problem just more likely because the native resolution of the Plasma is 720p?

Thanks, guys. I hope this all made sense...
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