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1080i or 720p on a 1080p HDTV?

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hello guru's

question, my receiver does not support native resolution so I have to chose from 1080i and 720p output.

I have the Samsung 40†1080p HDTV and is connected via HDMI.

What should I set the output on the receiver to? 720p or 1080i?

I believe it should be 720p because that can be unconverted right?

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1080i will give the best picture and most resolution.

just like dvds are 480i and the player adds progressive scan to give you 480P.

Your TV will add progressive scan to give you 1080P.

If you use 720P you will loose quite a bit of resolution, providing your source is not overly compressed, i.e. some Direct tv and cable HD.

But as always try both, as all displays and sources can be different from the norm in certain unique situations ;)
Most HD is 1080i anyway, so if you must pick one that's probably the best choice. Is it hard to switch between the two formats? You might just switch over to 720p when you watching something on Fox/ABC/ESPN for an extended time.
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