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1080P/24Hz playback via nVidia 8800GTX

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I am posting this thread on all the requirements needed for proper 1080p/24Hz playback.

I am using a 180.x series nVidia driver


I know one requirement is to set it up properly in the nVidia Custom Resolution manager or use PowerStrip.

what settings are to be used in the following fields?

Bits per pixel: 32?

GUI refresh rate: 24?

Timing mode: (auto/manual/dtm/...etc)


I've read a thread ( http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?s...de=linearplus# ) were someone also uses reclock.... I've had little to none experience on this piece of software.

Can anyone tell me the correct settings in nVidia's Custom Resolution control panel?

Is reclock is necessary, if so how to use reclock for such purpose?

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Nvidia drivers have been broken for over 9 months. YOu will not be able to set a custom resolution to correct for overscan. Please see official nvidia support forums for over 9 months of complaints.

be able to set a custom resolution to correct for overscan

you mean "TO correct for overscan" or AND correct for overscan?

because i have never NEEDED to use custom resolutions "TO" correct for overscan. I use 1920X1080 @ 60Hz via a DVI-HDMI cable connected to the HDMI/DVI port of my Samsung HT5689 LED DLP without any overscan problems*.

*EDIT: it appears there are overscan problems, however, it's appears negligible.

Do you mean, using Custom Resolutions always generates overscan?

If so I guess, I'll use powerstrip.

BTW Why does one need Reclock?
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As of current, I have experimented with 24Hz and noticed noticable overscan problems.

Settings Used:

OS: Windows XP SP2

In nVidia Custom Resolution Control Panel:

Bits per pixel: 32

GDI refresh rate: 24

Timing mode: auto

No reclock is used (how to use it?)


1. Custom Resolution Control Panel indicates Hz @ 24

2. Samsung indicates Hz @ 30 (??????????? suspect samsung's info is inaccurate?)

3. Color seems a little off

4. overscan

Are these settings correct? If not, (as judging off the colors, I'm sure they aren't) what are the correct settings?
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