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My 4th annual 1080p Displays that I saw at the CES. This is the 3rd year in a row that it is over a week late (In 2004, they only had 5 companies displaying 1080p, so I got right after the show), but I guess it is better late then never. This years post will going in the Flat Panel General section (even though there are many other displays in this post like LCoS and Front Projectors, but most are LCD and Plasmas and I'm too lazy to post in other threads) as I don't think HDTV reception hardware fits anymore (used to be HDTV hardware, which is where I'd post it and last year was in the reception area).

There are lot more pictures then last year. I probably missed some displays like I did last year. I predicted last year that all displays would be 1080p at this year's CES. I was wrong. It will probably been next year and if that is the case, there might not be a 5th annual 1080p Displays that I saw at CES as it will take away too long to take/reduce the pictures and post.

Please refrain from posting until I get to the end, which is with the company YHi (which is why I'm posting at night, so as to get low traffic).

Hope you all enjoy the pictures!!!
1 - 20 of 228 Posts
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