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I have been shopping around for a Flat panel LCD for a second viewing room in my home, I have a DLP fron projector in the "theatre". My projector is ONLY a 720P unit, but it looks amazing on any signal I throw at it. With my budget, I was figurin on a 1080P panel for the living room because the viewing distance is so much shorter, but during my shopping around I saw something very odd. The lower priced 1080P panels all seem to have more image break up than the 720P sets. At first I figured I was just seeing MPEG2 macroblocking from the compression on the source. The sets are all being fed from a Sencore hard drive player feeding an ATSC RF signal. On slow images, the pictures look great, but ith alot of detail and fast motion or scene changes, I see a lot of blocking to the point it was very distracting. But then I saw something. There was a Samsung next to a Pioneer Elite Plasma. The Samsung broke up bad, but the Pioneer ($5000+) looked near perfect. I looked at a few more, and started to notice a pattern. The sets under $1500 all had some form of breakup where the over $3500 ones didn't. I am starting to think there is some limitation to the image processor in the cheaper sets, like it can't update all those pixels fast enough. The 720P sets actually looked much better than the $1200 1080P's during fast motion, even with the same 1080i MPEG2 source. The only other odd point I saw was the 120Hz sets in the $1500 range. I don't like the image quality in 120hz mode. Most of them looked very "cartoonish" but when the 120hz mode was switched off, the image on these sets (especially the Sony) looked much better than the 60hz only version that otherwise seemed identical, but cost $300 less. My theiry is that the 120HZ version has a faster processor, so it handles 1080P at 60 hz better, but is still at it's limit doing 1080P 120 hz. My primary source is a Dish Network vip622 HD DVR. The same as on my DLP projector. The HD images are just amazing with no blocking ever. I want a 1080P set to look at least as good, only smaller.

Basically, has anyone else seen this breakup issue? Are there certain LCD's that look better with less blocking/breakup for under $1500? So far my favorites are The Toshiba Regza line, Sony 120 hz ones, and an LG. The Samsung ones seem about the worst. I even saw the same breakup on their DLP sets while the Mitsu next to it looked perfect. I am very tempted to use my fast Canon digital camera to see if I can freeze this breakup to look at it closer. From a Blu Ray, hitting pause the image cleans up, it is only broken while moving. I have a feeling I am more sensitive to this than others as many people in the store never saw it. Those that did didn't see it as a big problem. Am I crazy?
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