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1080P thoughts and products

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Hello all,

I was at CES 2004 and saw a few of the 1080P capable products. Here is a run down: 1080P dlp at the TI booth (samsung TV), LCDs at the LG and Samsung booths, Plasma at the LG and Samsung booths, LCOS at many booths.

What I'm wondering about is how much processing power would it take to convert 1080i or 720P to 1080P? Is it just de-interlacing and scaling? Or does it take more horsepower to do this?

Would the existing chips: faroudja or silicon image be capable of doing this?

What about picture size?

Let me know your thoughts>>>
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You need a chip that actually does 1080i --> 1080p deinterlacing. Those are rare today. They are becoming more common, but are rare today.

If it requires development of new versions of chips with more horsepower, doesn't it render most of the 1080P products kind of useless?

Do you know what samsung and LG are using to do the de-interlacing?
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