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1080P Upconvert questions?

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I have been outta the loop for awhile, but a guy said to me as I was looking at an Hd upconvert HDMI DVD player, dont buy that you can let your 1080P LCD upconvert it for you better??

I have never heard of this , your TV can upconvert now ? Is this guy smokin crack or am I just needing to catch up? I decided to get this since I am replacing my DVI connected DVD player.
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Whether the DVD player does it or the TV, the signal will ultimately be scaled to the native resolution of the display device. If you have a 1080x1920 native display, like an LCD flat panel, wehatever source is sent to the screen will be scaled to the resolution of the panel. Whether the DVD player does a better job of this, and most but not all , upscaling players output 1080i, or the display is the question.

If you have a standard DVD player that outputs 480i, the tv will scale it to the native resolution of the display. If your player outputs 480p, 720p, or 1080i/p, the display will scale it to the native res of the panel.

If you have an upconverting player that outputs 1080p, and a 1920x1080 display, you should try different combinations and see which looks better. Ther are some TVs that will do a better job, there are some that will most definatley not. It depends on the equipment used.

In the end, you are still displaying a source with only 480i resolution. There is only so much any scaler can do.
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