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10ft back and still too close to 60"GWIII. Is it the set or me?

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In regards to viewing distance, my eyes are exactly 10ft away from my 60" GWIII and i must say i notice some "fuzziness". It's more on DVDs than HD content. There is a wall directly behind my couch so moving it back further is out of the option, but when i move to the left which opens up into my dining room and has plenty of room behind it, the picture becomes crystal clear. I've measured and it's at about 13-14ft when true clarity for me kicks in. Im stuck here, I bought the TV through a one time discount and trading it in for a 50" would make me loose money.

So, I'm starting to wonder, since many of you say that you sit 8-9ft with no problem, is there something wrong with my settings? Or better yet my actual set? Im using the 'tweaks' that were posted by DLiquid since im too cheap to order DVE myself yet. Please help this is killing me since as im coming down the stairs i see the TV from afar in all its glory which brings tears to my eyes. I just wish i could have it from 10ft.

BTW, the set is under warranty at Best Buy, so if it is my set, I think they'll swap it out for free. I just want to be sure its the set itself.

Your help is very much appreciated,

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I'm 10' away from a 56" DLP and think it's perfect. 60" may be a bit too large.
I am 9 feet away from my 60 inch GW and everything is OK. You might wand to play with the adjustments. When I first got my set I thought I was to close to but after playing around everything is fine. Try turning down the picture a small amount.
I tired turnin down the pic and all that seemed to do was make it a bit darker not clearer. If you could list some other adjustments you've made i'd appreciate that too. I've messed with the sharpness but can't seem to figure out what i like best (the difference is so minimal). Could anymore of you who have the 60" list your viewing distance and what you think about it? Even if that is all you have to say it would help me clear some things up.

DVI input from Sat


Pic=2/3 up

Bright=1/2 up

Color=1/2 up, Maybe a little more

Hue=1/2 up

sharp=1/2 up




DVD input is component, Pany XP30 but that is a different story.

Hope this helps, I have found this to work out for me
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One other thing, I'm not an expert on this but I have read here that the different DVD players make a huge difference on the GW. When I first got my set I had a cheep unit from costco. After reading for weeks the GW111 threads I went to e-bay and bought a Pany XP30 and found a big difference in pic quality. I use the Pany for progressive and then monkeyed around with the other settings on the Sony. I like it alot. I am waiting for the next generation of Denon (DVI out) to come out and I am going to upgrade again even though It probably will not be much better.

Go over to the DVD site and check it out. I read today that folks with the GW111 are buying up a new Phillips (i could be wrong) or something like that. It has DVI out and looks real good with the GW even on component.
Im bad! it was the Zenith 318.

Good luck, Its a great TV
I have a Denon 2800 which i've read good and bad about. I personally like it and i've seen it on other TVs and im happy with its picture. Im frustrated now....
You will get it! It took me about 2 weeks to get it right. Now I dont even touch the settings. I am now thinking about Voom (HD Playboy) in addition to D***. That will probably mess me all up again
feel the bass

Since you see this fuzzyness on DVDs, and not HD, does your DVD player have sharpness settings that need adjusting and are you definately connected by component(progressive and not interlaced) and not svideo or composit??

I too have the 60" GWIII. I sit at 13'. When I upgraded to a Denon 2900 from a Toshiba, I noticed that the picture was sharper. Then I upgraded from the 2900 to the 5900. Initially the picture didn't look sharp at all. In a few days, it improved, but something still didn't look right about it. I'm a avid tweaker and have been in the service menu several times. Evidently with one of my earlier DVD players, I had changed the sharpness offset for the input that my DVD player is on to 49. Using the resolution pattern, I reduced the sharpness offset to 31. Man, talk about a difference towards the better. Evidently, I was oversharpening causing edge enhancements only in the horizontal direction.

If you still can't get a better picture, I'd recommend getting Avia to help figure out what's going on.
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feel the bass

[rant] I can almost understand a reluctance to get an ISF calibration on a new set. But please, don't tell me that after spending thousands of dollars on a high end micro-display, that you are "too cheap" to drop 25 bucks on Digital Video Essentials!!! If this was a new 'Vette, would you run it on 87 octane gas because you didn't want to spring for 93+? Would you then complain about engine knocks and poor acceleration? How many people on this forum would give their eye teeth for the set you own - but they really can't afford it. And you're complaining about a GWIII that has minimal tweaking and doesn't look as good as it should! Set it up with DVE, then see if you want to complain about it. Whatever viewing distance you choose, that Sony should look phenomenal from 7 or 8 feet out to max. If you give your inputs a good DVE set up and you still have to be 13 or 14 feet away for it to look right, then maybe your set has a problem. Until then, just please, give it a fair chance. [/rant]

Sorry about that! I feel better now. :)
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feel the bass,

I went through the 50 and 60 debate a couple of times because I too have a pole in my basement that prevents me from getting more than 9'10" back from my set.

For these reasons, I went with the 50" GWIII. Depending upon the DVD in question, I too sometimes find that the picture is a little fuzzy (grainy might describe it better). Howerver, some DVD's look great. However, even the best DVD pales in comparison to HDTV. And it should, since HDTV has much higher resolution.

I followed the advice of many people who purchased the DVD essentials disc and the Avia disc. Some of them posted their settings and I went with them. I have been happy with the settings. I have not performed any of the UMR tweaks as I am happy enough with the TV they way it is, and do not care to take a chance in the service menu for a small increase.

I would guess that 10ft is probably a little close for the 60", but I doubt that changing much in the setup, will make it crystal clear. As others have said, you might try a different DVD player if that is an option.

Again, just my $0.02. I don't consider myself an expert, but I have read alot here and have the 50" GWIII in my basement, so I do speak from actual experience.

Good luck, I hope you find a way to get the picture looking great all the time.
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I have had the 60" GWIII XBR for 6 months now and sit 10ft from it.

Definitely not too close or too big for me and my family.
You hit home ninthdragon, damn you...:D. I was looking at myself with shame while reading your post:( . I know now that my thinking was stupid, i just try to save all I can since we're just moving in:).

BTW, my dvd player is hooked up through component cables and the DVDs I tried out were the LOTR:EEs which i heard look excellent. Im just so mad that my manual says i need a min. viewing distance of like 7.7 feet and i sit an extra 3 feet back and this is what i get? Oh well, I guess i'll put my order in for one of those tweaking DVDs whether it be AVIA or DVE.

In the mean time, I'll try out what you said about the sharpness JimP

Thanks everyone for the great help, keep it up
I have a 60"GWIII and I love it. My seating positions start at about 10' and I dont have any issues with it. When I first fired it up I was not thrilled. Then I used video essentials and I was still not thrilled. Then I read and read and read every post and suggestion I could find here at AVS. Then I tweaked some more. And then some more. And then some more. I spent about three to four weeks before I was happy with the end result. Now I love the set. Its a great buy, but it does take patient tweaking. The trick is not to do it all at once. I find I tire of futzing with it if I spend too long, and I become less objective as to whether the changes are actually doing anything. The trick to copying other people's tweaks from AVS is not to take them as gospel. Try them and if you like them great. But a setting that works in someone elses room may not work for yours. I just took them as potential tweaks, and evaluated each one independantly. Anyway, the point of all this is be patient, 10' is fine for most people but not all, and you will love this set! Good Luck!
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Originally posted by feel the bass
You hit home ninthdragon, damn you...:D. I was looking at myself with shame while reading your post:( . I know now that my thinking was stupid, i just try to save all I can since we're just moving in:).

Glad I could help! Good luck with the new place - and the set!
I beleive that Arun made a post about the correct viewing distance for RPTV's. For a 60" TV, optimal viewing distance is 10.5' to 12' feet even. While I understand that this does not help your situation any, all I can say is that what 9thDragon said is spot on and 100% correct.

You'd do well do follow his advice.

Good luck! =)
i read that you should multiply the diagonal inch of the television x 3 and divide by 12in to determine the distance

60 x 3=180/12=15ft

it works for me
Do you run your DVD player in progressive mode? I find 480P better than 480I. I have the 60" GWIII, I put it in a temporary room with 8 ft viewing then when my room was finished went to 14 ft. I liked the 8 ft better, more like a theater to me :). Also what mode are you in vivid, standard or pro? I prefer standard as pro seemed to soft. I run standard, 75% picture, 70% brightness, 70% sharpness, 50% color and 50% hue.

I've tried both progressive and interlaced and cant seem to see a big difference. Am I blind or something? Which is better to use?

Im using standard btw

As for my picture now, i've done some minor tweaking of my own which i think suits my room more and im either getting a better picture to my eyes or im just getting used to the whole set up. Either way it looks like im stuck with it. I get my DVE soon so we'll see then.

Thanks guys for all of your help.
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