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I need some help in deciding which way to go. What should I do, jump on a 10HT soon at the reduced prices or wait on the new Mits or Sony RPTV models that will be out in the fall with the firewire ports? I will definitely wait to see if any new projectors are announced at infocomm with the digital ports with copy protection support. Maybe a miracle will happen and the 11HT will have i-link connectors, but I don't think that this will be the case. I want the big picture of a FPTV but am hesitant since it some HDTV programming over component connections may become obsolete in the near future.

First of all let me say that I should be able to receive 4 local HDTV stations. I will also want to pick up a DirectTV or Dish Network HDTV Sat system. I'm also interested in picking up a progressive scan DVD player. I expect that most of my viewing will be off of HBOHD or Showtime as well as over the air HDTV. I plan on keeping what ever I choose a minimum of 5 years. Also, I will not wait longer that the end of the year to make my purchase.

One other thing, I'm fine with the black levels on the 10ht as I would be purchasing a grey hawk or hi-contrast screen. I've seen the projector many times and have been very impressed.


1. I believe that the copy protection schemes will not affect over the air HDTV broadcasting since it is a "one to many" type of broadcasting system. At this point, copy protection via firewire or dvi will only affect Sat or CATV. Is this true?

2. When is the copy protection applied, during the film transfer or during the broadcasting stage? In other words, is it possible that a non compliant receiver might not be able to get a movie on pay per view but might be able to view the movie when it comes out on HBOHD months later?

3. Will HBOHD or ShowtimeHD be affected by copy protection and if so when? Any guesses?

4. If you could only chose one, which would you guys rather watch?

A)Progressive scan DVD on a 120" FPTV.

B)Copy Protected HDTV Pay Per View Movies on 65" RPTV

5. I've found the 10HT from an authorized dealer for $4500 before the $300 rebate with a 7 day return policy with no restocking fees. Has anyone else found a better price from an authorized dealer? If so please email me at my wifes email address: [email protected] (we changed email and my AVS email is no longer valid)

6. Where can I get the best deals on screens? Of course I would get a quote from AVS first.

7. Which would you rather have, 10ht or 65" RPTV with firewire?

8. Is anyone aware of any new projectors coming out this year with 5C firewire connections?

Thanks for your help!


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