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10xx- halos??

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Hey everyone!

Forgive me for posting the same question again but I think I didn't describe the problem very well the first time, and I can't believe none of you gurus has an answer :D

I have a 1031q. I'm using the composite inputs for the time being. After converging, focusing and running AVIA it's looking really good, but for one thing:

On AVIA's sharpness pattern they say that one should decrease the "sharpness" control on the back panel down until the white frequency bands at the bottom are even in value (or the right side is dimmer) and the vertical bars in the center of the pattern have no artificial edges or halos. Well, mine is all the way down and my pattern is backwards- normal on the left, very bright on the right, and the vertical bars have large white halos. Most source material has bad halos on dark edges. I know this is inherent in many DVDs but I'm seeing it on material that is generally known to be well-authored- Fifth Element, etc. So- does anyone know if there's another way to set that level?? Or, when I go to an htpc will it bypass the sharpness control altogether??
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Fred ,

-- more than likely your problems are due to the composite signal . You can Improve your composite signal by using 75 ohm RG6 cable with the proper 75 ohm BNC adapters at each end .

-- The Image will be much cleaner once you use an HTPC .

-- Your DVD player can actually cause these readings to be OFF , composite output really is not what AVIA is designed for [ but it does get you much closer ;) ] .

--- Best Wishes ,

--- Jason Berg
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OK OK...

I'll quit bitching until I get the pc going *lol* Of course that's it's own can of worms!! But if you think that the problem is mainly about the composite sorce then I can live with it- for a while!! That aside, I'm really knocked out with how good this thing looks- even with the little bit of tube wear going on. This is absolutely the best money I've ever spent in my life!!

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