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11 Channel receiver or 9 channel receiver + 2 ch. amp

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I am setting up a new 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos system in my living room, and would like some input on how to power it all.

I have a 77 LG OLED for a display and Triangle Borea fronts (2 x BR08 and BRC1) and surrounds (4 x BR03) with RSL height speakers (4 x c34e).

I am either getting the Denon 11 ch receiver (avr-x6700h) or the Denon 9 ch (avr-4700h) with an additional 2 channel amp.

I would like to know what everyone thinks about the pros and cons of having everything in one box(11 ch), vs having a 9 ch receiver with an additional amp.

If I went with the 4700, I am considering using the 2 channel to drive the L and R fronts, since they may be pretty power hungry.

Please let me know what you think, especially if you have experience using the Denon receiver with another amp.
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My philosophy was that the center does a lot of work for movies, so I went with a 3 channel amp for LCR. (It's an Emotiva XPA-3 Gen3. Probably excessive, although my Hsu CCB-8s are rated for the power.) I power the other 8 channels from the AVR-X4300H, which is the 2016 ancestor of the 4700. The Emotiva makes more power than the AVR could. I'm using the 12V trigger function, so the Emotiva turns on and off with the Denon.

I originally used the 4300 with a small stereo amp (Audiosource AD1002) to power the rear heights. That was a much less expensive option.

I'd consider the AVR-X3700H, if you don't need the extra features of the 4700.

Are you able to buy any of these at the moment? The major online sellers seem to be mostly out.
agree, bet the x3700 will do the job. over here the prices are ridiculous with the difference from the 4700-6700 being about $1300 AUS. the 3700-6700 about $2500 so a joke really. i would look for a 3 channel ext amp, dont skimp on the center.

your speakers are 92 db sensitivity at 8 ohms so not really power hungry but it will take strain off your denon and allow it to run cooler at least. i run an old rotel rmb1066 in bridge mode for my LCR with an old denon and its great. no need to buy new either, your 2nd hand market is huge.
@slamam If you can wait and are not a gamer who needs VRR, [email protected], etc. the Yamaha, Pioneer and Onkyo 2021 models are coming soon. You will probably see the gamers start selling their 2020 Denon models to get a fully working hdmi 2.1 receiver. I would assume by the end of summer there will be a bunch of x3700/x4700 on sale here. That's what I am betting on since I don't game. The x4700 would look good in my entertainment center, well so would the new Pioneer lx505, but I am patient.
I am usually a patient purchaser, however my home Reno will be done in about a month, and it would be really great to have a working theater.

Unfortunately my problem may have been solved for me. The 6700 is available and the 4700 is sold out in stores, so my hand may be forced.

I think Denon is offered a free upgraded board to fix the HDMI issue.
@slaman, did you say Reno, like Tahoe or Reno(vation)?

Yea JD Smoothie will know for sure, but I believe the x6700 and x8500 owners have been offered a new board, iirc.
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