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What I started with...

1. 70" 4:3 painted sheetrock with (if I remember correctly) Sherwin williams brilliant white (flat)

2. Sony 1252 CRT projector. About 150 lbs hanging from an 8' ceiling with unistrut.

3. Def. Tech. "pro cinema 100" sat/sub system.

4. Had an HTPC with a HDTV recording card.

5. Immersive tech DCDi scaler card.

Eventually sold HTPC, as it was WAY too much hassle.

6. Got a Skyworth 480p region free DVD player from China, or maybe Hong Kong. Anyway, it was supposedly one of the first with DCDi processing.

A few receivers, DVD players;, this is my current setup.


1. Speakers (all real rosewood)

Diva Swan 6.1 mains Attachment 221505

Diva Swan C3 w. top mounted tweeter Attachment 221506

Diva Swan R3 surrounds Attachment 221507

Single Diva 2.1 for rear-center(for a 6.1 instead of a 7.1 system)

HSU 3R rosewood sub (circa 2003)

2. Denon AVR 2310CI receiver

3. Sony 60GB launch PS3.

4. Sony 960 400 disc Blu-Ray player.

5. 4 Directv HD DVRs. Theater room has an external hard drive holding 400 hours of MPEG 4 hd recordings.

6. Sony VW60 SXRD projector thrown to an 88" Carada CCW screen.


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I read: "11 year old upgrades home theater". I was like "wow, lucky kid".

Pics any time soon?
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