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110" 16:9 Screen for use with Sony HW30?

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I get my Hw30 next week and am looking for 110" screen suggestions. Some spec of the room:

-completely light controlled

-will be painting walls and ceiling dark colors

- will be putting in dark carpeting

- projector will be ceiling mounted

I was leaning towards a 1.3 gain screen. Any suggestions?

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Hi Roshy,

Looks like you standard 1.3 gain white screen would work just fine for your application.

How far back will the projector be from the screen?

Do you have any manufacturers in mind?

This will be my first projection setup, so I'm not familiar with which manufacturers are better or worse.

I can make the throw to the screen anywhere from probably 12 feet to 17 feet, but my cables come out of the ceiling around 16 feet.

Another quick question, is the lower I mount it the better? I'm trying to figure out how much of an extention pole I need, I need one at least 2.5 feet to get below a low point in the ceiling before the screen, and the screen will be mounted a foot below at level. I'm guessing the lower the better? I was going to lower the projector enough so it is at the same level as the top of the screen, so About 8 feet in the air. I didn't want to go lower than this for head reasons unless it would make a huge difference.

Thanks for any help you can provide!
Here is a side view of the room in question, the right side is the wall where the screen will be. I'm going to mount it so the screen is 1 foot from the ceiling (unless you have another suggestion).

I'll also be having a 8" or 16" riser that starts around 13 feet from the screen, which is why I don't want to lower the projector too far.

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Any help would be appreciated.
Most projectors nowadays have vertical and horizontal lens shift, so it's not TOO critical to get the projector centered (but preferred) with the screen. As far as your projector extension, the lower doesn't doesn't really matter, unless it's a high power screen (which you would typically use a shelf mount). My projector is just above screen and theirs no problems at all. Just make sure that your back row of audience doesn't 'see' the projector when a movie is playing. Here is an attachment of my semi-current theater/living room....hope that helps a little! BTW, 1.3 gain would be perfect and I believe Carada makes a 'brilliant white' material at 1.4 spec gain.

As a side note, I would try to split the difference on your projector distance-to-screen....mine is roughly 12 ft back, and that will give you a brighter image, which is important for 3D (if you're doing that). This will not be your last projector, so I would put it at around 14' back from screen....
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Cool, thanks.

As far as how high to make the screen on the wall... I have a 9 foot wall where the screen will be, I was thinking of making the top of the screen t 1 foot below that, which would leave me with about 42 inches from the screen to the ground. Should I make it higher? Lower?

Depends on your seating. If your seating has your eye level at the bottom third of the image you should be fine. You have a little room to go down a few inches. Since your ceiling will be dark colored, you would be fine at what you mentioned.

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