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Hello, purchased a 1130 in Jan and since then I continue to lose video from my cable box. I was using ARC mode which is supposed to let you use a fast HDMI cable from my Samsung 4k TV, sending audio down from the TV to the receiver, when watching something that comes from the TV, like an Internet source. (the Cable box attaches to 1130 and i have a cable running from tv to the reciever) The only problem (as verified by Pioneer support over the phone according to one posting on Amazon) is that ARC and the 1130 don't play nicely if your source is a cable box. The 1130 receiver will shift away from the cable box to a different input mode in a minute. Where it shifts to I have no idea. And, it seems to only happen in the morning and I'm unable to find a fix; Sometimes, it resets after a while but yesterday went off and I cannot get it back. I do still get the TV sound but no video. Wife is ready to dump the 1130. Any ideas on how to fix. Thanks!
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