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Hi you all.

currently my bedroom system is a simple energy take classic 5.1 and an onkyo 606.

I just upgraded the TV to a panasonic P50G15 and now the sound doesn't "keep up" with the video quality.

I was thinking to upgrade step by step from that to end up with this:

paradigm atom rear

paradigm mini front

paradigm cc 190

bic H100

and eventually upgrade the onkyo to an emotiva reciever + 5ch amp. if the onkyo cannot handle the impedance and sound level.

do you think that will still be "not enough" to fill a 12*15 room or could work?

music listening isn't really important in the bedroom... I have a 2ch system in my living room that sound fantastic but honestly right now would be too expensive to expand that one to a full 5ch
. (right now is composed by 2 dynaudio contour s3.4, a krell 400xi, a rel B1 and a sony sacd).

I thank you all for the suggestion (I was lurking for a while) on the panasonic, the onkyo and the energy takes... can't beat that for the price.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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