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12 Cool Things at LG's CES Booth

By Chuck McKenney
Here are some of the cool products we found while touring LG's booth at CES.

Quality of products aside, LG had one of the more hip booths at the Consumer Electronics Show.

The blaring music, red decor and stylish listening stations provided a slick backdrop to all the HDTVs, Blu-ray players, home theater systems, and mobile phones on display.

LG made news with the release of the Netflix-streaming Broadband HDTVs, BD390 Blu-ray player (also capable of streaming Netflix), PS 80 Series plasmas and slim LHX LED LCD TVs.

Most of those products made our list, along with a few other surprises.


LG's prototype OLED display has a 15-inch screen size and is .85 mm thin.

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