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1272: Switcher memories & convergence

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I was *re*-converging again last night into the wee hours. I only recently learned that I can converge to the AVIA patterns by holding down the TEST button after entering the service mode.

Now it appears I can perform convergence to each memory location. With the internal grid it seems to affect all switcher memories (for the given frequency).

Two questions guys:

1. Is this correct (full convergence settings individual to each memory location)

2. How do I reset ALL memory locations to factory settings? Performing the factory reset as documented in the manual seems to affect all convergence settings - but RGB SIZE, BLKG etc remain intact at each memory location.



PS - Boy this will be easier once I set up an HTPC! Only one memory location to worry about setting up correctly :)
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1.) No, this isn't correct. There are two separate memories in the 1272Q. The convergance memory is automatically selected by the horizontal sync frequency of the signal driving the projector. There is a table in the install manual that maps horizontal freq to memory block number. The switcher/index memories allow you to store different RGB Size, position, blanking, contrast, brightness, etc into each switcher/index memory location, but the convergence memory info remains the same.

2.) I haven't found a way to do this. PITA. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable could chime in?
if you want to reset everyting, back to factory, you need to use the sw1 , which is on the system board, check this out , it helped me a ton , but it does evertrhing ,even color

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