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13 minute gameplay vid of Brothers in Arms

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Good stuff. I really want this game. Loved that they added a cover system for your character now.

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wow what a game, did you see the destructible materials!!!!!??? looks amazing.
dude! nice shirt!


"authentic hand signal"

'member "real-time massive damage" "giant crabs"
The BIA games have always been the best WW2 shooters. I'm hoping that this one really blows us away.

That has to be one of the corniest presentations I've ever seen/heard. "Authentic hand signals! His bazooka is his girlfriend! More targets! We're in combat now! Everyone's screaming!"

Anyone else getting tired of 3rd person cover/aiming? It seems to the new fad. I'm getting tired of it.

Originally Posted by Thrillhouse17 /forum/post/0

The BIA games have always been the best WW2 shooters. I'm hoping that this one really blows us away.

Agreed. I've always thought this series was always vastly underrated.
"That happened because, uh, it was awesome."

Sometimes people just need to shut up. Demo. And answer questions later. Running commentary, especially in this case, happened because, uh, it was awful.

Game looks cool though!
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yeah the guy should have just shown the game
looks good so far.

i wish that the trees and other vegetation would sway in the breeze, though - i have come to loathe static environments, and they take me out of the game.

i like the destructible fence, though - that's a nice touch.
Now this looks impressive!
-"here comes a grenade I'm gonna bounce it under this cart here"

-"right underneath"

-"woahohooooh, that was awesome"

-"Here comes the bazooka, oooooooh yeeeea, that was great"

The guy playing the demo is acting like he's never played it before, kind of funny-and I'm sure that instant replay wasn't planned out.
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I loved it when the first replay popped up, the slo-motion showed us the freaking barrel split apart. Unbelievable, looks awesome i'll definitely pick it up.
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