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13" or 15" Aquos in the Kitchen Under Cabinet?

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I've been back and forth trying to decide whether I should get the 13" or 15" Aquos to mount under the cabinet in our home that is scheduled to be completed in a month or so. If my debate was strictly over size of the screen alone, I would take the 15" and not think twice. However, there is only 18" between the counter and the underside of the cabinet (as reported by my kitchen guy) so I'm not sure if the 15" screen and the frame surrounding it are going to be too much for that space. I would, of course, be using a mount that would allow the unit to flip up and out of the way but I don't want it to look odd when flipped down.

Does anyone have either of these size screens in their kitchen and care to comment? Any pics would be great.

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I know the "flip down" brackets don't really conceal the TV when flipped up because of the way the bracket works and the thickness of the bracket/TV compared to the space underneath a cabinet. I was checking into one of these mounts for my 15" LCD but then decided on an articulating wall mount instead. Even a 13" will hang down quite a bit with the flip down bracket, taking into consideration the normal distance between counter and upper cabinets.
I'm OK with the obstrusion of the tv and the bracket, what I'm principally concerned with is when it's flipped down and on. Do you have any pictures of the tv when out and on w/your articulating wall mount?

I haven't wall-mounted it yet, but I have been using the TV on the table stand that it came with.
I had about 18.5" from countertop to cabinet. I mounted a Sharp Aquos and an OmniMount flip down mount. When folded up, the counter to LCD is about 16". When the TV is completely down it is about 5" above the counter.

I can email you pics if you want.
I have a 13 inch and on its own stand there is about 3 inches to spare.
Have you considered mounting it on or in the wall behind the counter?
i considered an articulating mount, but i need it to be able to move out of the way and out of sight (as much as possible) and don't think i want to see the black screen of the unit when it is off and not in use.
I have a VERY small galley type kitchen. For me, mounting under the cabinets is too low and too steep of an angle. I'm considering mounting on the end cabinet door. I'm debating myself (flip flopping if you will) whether to mount it on the inside or the outside or inside through a hole looking out.
Shortly I should receive a Samsung Syncmaster 510MP (free!) and will be doing the same in the kitchen. I've seen the Peerless and Vogel mounts. Does anybody have any opinion on one or the other?

My father has a Sharp Aquos 15" LCD under his kitchen cabinet. I'll have him take a few digital photos and I'll post a link to them.

kpfeif: i'm looking forward to any pics you can provide, thanks.

sigamy e-mailed me the following pics and asked me to post... (makes me think a 13" will suit me well)




have you bought the Aquos yet? If not, I have something for you to consider. If you are using a flip down mount, the more important measurement is not from the counter to the cabinet, but teh DEPTH of teh cabinet. You should go for the shortest height Aquos as possible, with teh speakers on the side, this way, it won't stick out too far when it is flipped up. most cabinets are 12 inches in depth, with tiling often reducing this to 11 inches.
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