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I have this up for sale for $350 on CL, but willing to part with it for $250 (OBO) to one of my fellow AVSers.

Brand:  Focupix 

Material:  PVC Matte White

Gain: 1.2

Cosmetic: 10/10 Perfect

Mechanical: 10/10 Perfect

100% perfect screen.  Very light and strong aluminum frame wrapped in premium velvet.  The screen itself is perfect.  No fingerprints, marks, scuffs, wrinkles or any other blemish. It's simply perfect.  It's been a great screen and I would whole heartedly recommend it to anyone!  In fact, you can find mybrief review on this screen on AVS here .

With that said, I'm looking to upgrade to an acoustically transparent screen to hide my large speakers.  I am willing to demo the screen before sale to show the picture quality and to validate it's 100% as I describe above.

*Note* The LED light kit is a custom installation job and is not a part of the screen itself.

*Note* Given the tensioning system in place is very very tight (a good thing!) it would be very difficult and time consuming to break the screen down.  Trust me, it was tough getting this screen assembled in the first place.  Recommend buyer bring a U-Haul or some other large vehicle to transport this screen out of the elements.

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