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148” 2.35:1 screens

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Are there any affordable screens that come in 2.35:1 ratio and around 148”?
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What's your screen budget?
Under 1k ideally. I’ve looked at silver ticket and elite screens. Elite seems to have a highly rated Cinewhite uhd white screen(1.3 gain) but comes in 138 or 158” with no in between. SilverTicket has 142 or 158 I beliebe
At that price point, your options are more limited since they will not offer custom sizes unless you buy just the material. You have more options if you DIY the frame and you can get either your desired size or spend more on a higher end screen material.
How does the screen fix to the screen? Is it a complicated diy project? What companies sell just the screen material? Thank you for the input!
If you build it out of wood then you can use staples on the back side (you are folding it over like a canvas). If you can cut straight cuts with a saw (miter or hand saw) and can make the corners a solid 90-degrees it would not be hard at all.

Several/many threads show you different versions on how to build them.

Several screen vendors will sell you raw material. Not sure Silver Ticket does since they get the material in bulk from China already pre-cut. Call a few and ask.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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