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15 year-old sony 27" - repair or replace

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I have a HV27HSR10 that still has a great picture, but 2 issues. Can/Should I try to get it repaired?

1) when using composite inputs, it generates a lot of static on the internal speakers. The noise varies in pitch, and stops after a while. Pitch changes when I flex the tv's case.

2) sometimes on power-up the green overlay text (that shows the input) is not aligned where it should. Some of these times the entire image is stretched and cut-off. If I 'gently' punch the tube, the display will go blank. If i power off and on, it will display an image in black and while. Powering off and back on a 2nd time (all within 45 seconds) gives a perfect display (image and overlay). works every time.

Issue 2 is getting more frequent over time, Issue 1 has been around for a while, but is annoying now that I've removed the unit from my surround sound setup.

I appreciate any thoughts on the wisdom of trying to get it fixed (one shop said that parts would be hard to find for a unit built in 1991).


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Dude its 15 years old let the poor soul retire and go for an upgrade. Hdtvs have come down alot in price now. And will continue to drop. I would suggest to you another sony tv. But sony is moving away from crt tvs.
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