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15pin RGB-Cheaper cable same pls?

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Understanding that a 15pin RGB cable from my HTC100 to my Transvision passes data stream vs. video it would seem to me that a short 1 meter cable would offer the same type of quality no matter what the cost of the cable.

Since it is simply passing 0's and 1's my opnion is that either

the signal passes or it does not. So is there really a difference,

on a short run, between a cheap 15pin cable that comes with the source device and a $75 cable? Why?

Thank you in advance.

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Good Morning Tom,

I am running a 35' 15 pin to 5 rcas to my front projector. Since I have two hd receivers that both output

with 15 pin connections, I needed two very short runs into my Kramer auto vga switcher.

I went to my favorite electronic supply shop and did not want his vey cheap cable. He showed me the one that all of his

computer folks use and swear by. It looked heavy and well constructed. The price--$3.89 each

Well, the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. My hd signals are outstanding. There is no difference

from when I had the 35' cable directly connected to the receiver. Even my regular satellite nsd looks


I doubt that you need the more expensive cable.

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of a different set up. My run (15pin) is only about 3 feet

from the DTC100 to the Controler (DWIN transvision)

The controler takes all of the source inputs and then

sends it over one common 5 BNC solution to the projector.

I have to suspect that there is no advantage in a $75 cable from better cables.com etc...over the 15 pin

that came with the DTC100?

My point I guess is that in a short run such as this

data is data. ?

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I am using two 3' runs of the 15 pin cable into my switcher. The long cable runs from the switcher to the projector. Everything looks flawless on both hd receivers with my two cheap cables. The only advantage of the bettercables cable could possibly be better construction but unless you will be plugging and unplugging the cables in and out, this should make no difference. You will see no difference.
It is worth noting that your 15-pin RGB cable is not carrying ones and zeros, the RGB output is analog, not digital. Still, I have to agree that you would be hard pressed to measure, much less see, a difference between the 3-foot RGB cable that came with your STB, vs. a $100 after-market cable.

I remember a time when the only cable companies were ones who sold you 500 ft. spools of wire and didn't advertise. Of course, things are different, now.
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