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16:9 enhanced on a Sony WEGA KV-36FS17

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Hi All-

Been lurking for a few months...but this is my first post...

I have the 36" Sony Wega with PIP, and I love the TV.

I am having one problem and I hope you guys can help.

This TV has what is called a "16:9 Enhanced" mode for any video input source. In this case it is from my DVD player (a 5-disc carousel Toshiba). The problem is every time I switch to that video source (component video in this case), I have to go into the TV menu to turn the 16:9 enhanced mode back on. I can't for the life of me figure out why it won't default for that input, and I can't seem to get it to save that as the default.

Anyone have any ideas, or have this TV and have a way around this issue? I am comfortable with the possibility that I may be doing something wrong, and don't think the TV is malfunctioning...I just don't think I am setting it up right...

You thoughts are appreciated...this is gettign a little annoying to have to switch it all the time...:confused:

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Not all DVD's are 16:9 enhanced. There is a heck of a lot of 4:3 DVD material out there.


However, when I view a 2.35:1 DVD like AOTC (or any anamorphic wide-screen presentation for that matter)...I don't get the full intended picture unless I choose this 16:9 enhanced mode. It compresses the picture from the sides and make it look like a 1.77:1 (I think that is the right ratio). It is still wide-screen, but not completely anamorphic.

My point was simply how to get it to automatically make the setup change, (or even save it).

I just got off the phone with Sony, and they say it can't be done...short of buying a macro-based remote and program the menu change in with the input change.

Otherwise I have to do it every time...

And since I am saving for a wedding...no new remotes for me...:(
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Hi! I have a KV32FS13 and mine doe's the same thing. Only some SONY tv's have the "auto" 16:9 feature. If when you go to your menu (and scroll down to the 16:9 feature) you only see "on or off", then you will have to switch it manually every time.
Now I have to convince my fiance to let me buy a remote so I can program it in...

Thanks for the help guys...

Off to find a remote...(think she'll let me get a pronto pro?:D )
Heh, mine has "Auto" and I still have to change it. I use component video from my DVD player, and the TV won't/can't autodetect like it can with s-video. Fortunately my remote does macros pretty well...
I am using the component input also...I haven't tried the S-Video one.

I guess I'll just have to go buy the darn remote...

This seems like such an obvious thing...I can't believe they didn't included it...and it bugs the crap out of me that I don't have an AUTO option...as though it's been removed from the version for my TV...

Do they think that with the money we spent on that TV it wasn't enough to have an auto option retained?

OK...I'm venting...I'll shut-up now.:)
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is your dvd player progressive scan? i know with my xbr400 it won't auto detect the anamorphic signal from a progressive player. mine isn't progressive so i don't have any trouble with that, but when playing 16:9 xbox games i have to manually switch it. luckily i have a pronto so i can just hit a button to do so. the newere sony's don't have this problem as far as i know.
Well, just to confuse the issue and add my two cents. I own a 36" XBR800, which does have auto detection mode, I'm using component inputs, and an RP62 progressive player, and it works fine. If this is not useful, then just ignore me.
Actually, while an AUTO mode would be nice, it is not the most important thing. Even if the TV had an AUTO mode, you would want to overide the selection some time with some DVD players. Consequently, the most important thing would be a direct remote command like is available for many other functions. As far as anyone has figured out, the only way to switch this series of SONY televisions is to use the 10 button press sequence. Very frustrating... I have one of these TVs too.

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