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16:9 output

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Can the UTV output 16:9? I know about the 16:9 setting in the Screen size page but will it output it so I can record it to my DVD recorder? I have some movies, and TV series recorded in widescreen and if I can I would like to have it that way. I will remark that I do not have a widescreen TV although it is on my list to get in the next few months so I would like to prepared for the future. If it helps my DVD recorder is a Sharp DV-HR300U. It does not say in the manual that it can not do widescreen but it does not say it can either. My hope is that what is output it will record to that aspect ratio. Can someone shed some light on this subject?
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22 views no replies, wow. OK, I'll simplify it. Does the UTV output 16:9 on to a widescreen TV? Is it just letterbox or true widescreen? Like my previous post said I don't have one to check so I'd appreciate an answer on that. Once I have that answer I can go from there.
well here's a suggestion (I dont have widescreen TV)

set the UTV to output 16:9

burn a DVD

take it to a friends house that has wide screen TV

play it

see what it looks like

no friends?

take it to an AV store, tell em you are interested in a Widescreen and want to try out a home made DVD
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it is true widescreen i have a 57" widescreen and it works great
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