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Inflatable Screen, Custom A/V Create Ultimate Party Pool

This outdoor oasis features a 16-foot inflatable screen, waterfalls, a gazebo, fire pit and bar.

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it really make a sound? Apparently it does, when it's loud enough to wake the neighbors.

That's what systems ithe installation firm Criteria of Naples, FL, found out when it remotely loaded the control programming for this Florida homeowner's lush outdoor space. Unbeknownst to technicians Chris Locadia and Rich Magliozzi, as the system was being programmed that morning from their office, it was also booting up at the homewith no one there to turn it off.

Fortunately for the owner, the volume had only been set between 60 and 70 percent as the system ran until Criteria had finished its operation. No one called the cops to complain about the noise, but one neighbor did inquire later if a raging party had been going on.

Not that time. But since the homeowner debuted his outdoor setup with a Super Bowl party, the space has been overflowing with music, movies and guests.

He likes his music videos and concert DVDs, says Magliozzi. This house plays music all the time. He's single, so it's kind of a Yo! MTV Raps party house.

For more information, photos and a peek at the equipment list, check out http://www.electronichouse.com/artic...te_party_pool/
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