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16 source distributed audio

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We are in the process of designing a distributed audio system for a large home that requires about 16 sources & 12 zones of audio (several digital music streams, AM/FM, XM, local iPod inputs, SAT TV, etc.). We are leaning towards ada though I am open to other options if they exist. This system will be under AMX control and we do require RS-232 control of the system.

Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

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ADA Suite 16. 2 Elan S12 chassis with Local source plates to make up the difference from 12 to 16 sources. Crestron.
Obviously this is rather self-serving as I work for NetStreams (although I handle outside the U.S.). How about DigiLinX?

Unlimited sources. multiple uncompressed streams from a single zone audio server (like Escient, Imerge, ReQuest), iPod integration with meta data, XM integration with meta data via Polk tuner, AMX integration, AM/FM tuner integration via Parasound tuner, local source inputs (and outputs).

And no worries about expansion. Built in super high quality intercoms.

Seems like it would be a good fit.

Then again I am a bit biased on this one...
I don't know the answer, but would be interested in any information you can share about the future design [obviously respecting your intellectual property].

I'm a DIY'er who's jealous of those who can even conceive of putting a system like this in their house, and would be fascinated to learn how one goes about wiring & managing such a system.
Buzz is correct, Digilinx would be a good solution too. Unlimited sources and unlimited zones.
Unlimited sources and unlimited zones.
There is always a limit. In this case, money would be the limit.

It's hard to miss with ADA's amps and Suite 16's, and their tuners are nice too. I think it may come down to price point comparison.
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Buzz are you planning on integrating the Antex XM100 into digilinx, so we don't have to use the Polk?

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I'm not planning on doing it (I'm happy with my XRT12) but I bet someone will.... :D
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