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hi everyone,

A week ago, I noticed that there is a firmware update available for my 1613 so I clicked the update button to start a one-week nightmare
note I will show you how I resolve it..

The errors I got are:

1). ConnectionFail25

So I let the machine to start updating. I came back and saw that the screen is showing "ConnectionFail25" error. I restarted the 1613, the only message I can see is now "Update Retry".

2). Update Retry

It just repeats and repeats on the screen following with the little triangles. Seems that no button is responding now. But I read from another post on internet that someone can still use the machine with this error. I tried and tried, and found that it is right after the machine is started. However, this does not mean the machine is back to normal because the Update Retry will reboot the machine after retrying for 4 or 5 minutes(not sure how long). Imagine you are in the middle of playing PS3 game...
BTW, the hdmi pass-through does not work with this error either(this really drove me crazy). Eventually, this retry error will end with a "ConnectionFail25" error.

How I fix it...

DO a network reset...

1). power down

2). press and hold Tuner + and Dimmer buttons at the same time

3). press power button

4). the screen will flash, hold two buttons for about 5 seconds

Now, the machine should be back to normal.

I wish I had read message #5 earlier so I can learn how to network reset. Thanks
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